Partisanship and Global Warming: Some Personal Thoughts

Partisanship and climate change: that the political right and left in most countries sharply divide the willingness to act on climate change is easily observable and very real. Some would say that divide is a red herring. That is to say, it may be correct, but it is not the root of the problem. That would mean partisanship is a symptom of something else. In conversation with people on both the right and left, it appears to be a difference of opinion on the risk benefit of the cost of trying to solve…

Imagination, creativity, innovation, clear and logical thought processes: these behavioural traits are common to both artists and scientists. Scientists and artists alike are interested in the same basic breadth of topics, from politics to nature, from the cosmos to the human mind.

Both communities rely on the work of “the greats” who have come before them, each building on that knowledge and understanding to move the world forward in new directions, often exploring, in their own ways, the hitherto unexplored.

One can make a discovery without formal training; similarly, one can create a work of art without having any art…

Oil rig off California coast. (Photo A. Emery)

And, yes, we are all correct to worry. A LOT!

Can we beat global warming? YES, IF WE HURRY!

Climate Change presents us with huge problems. We must stop using energy from fossil fuels as soon as we can. But first, in order to remain able to support civil society’s present economy, we must find a replacement for all the fossil fuel energy we use in today’s world. That is, we must find energy sources that will supply the energy equivalent of the total world’s energy draw!

A mega-big challenge, indeed!

To help us understand the magnitude of the amounts…

As a marine scientist, trying to convince our society to reverse today’s dangerous global warming, I often discuss such things on social media.

The other day, I had an online conversation that began with a “conspiracy theorist,” so afraid of the specter of global warming and its consequences that he concluded that the whole thing was just all a big fake driven by a sinister cabal of people, cloistered in the UN, who want to take over the world themselves, in a socialist/communist plot to enslave everyone using environmental threats of doom and disaster. …

Alan Emery

Scientist (PhD marine sciences). Looking for solutions. Focus: ecology, evolution, global warming, energy transition, biodiversity, Indigenous Knowledge.

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